Check Out "SH'MON Part 2" by THE DYNAMITE ORCHESTRA on "Rare Mod Volume 5"!

Rare Mod 5 coverOut Now: "Rare Mod Volume 5" on Acid Jazz Records! This 20 track set of Mod gems contains "SH'MON Part 2" by THE DYNAMITE ORCHESTRA. "SH'MON Part 2" was the instrumental B-Side of the UK Mod/Northern Soul cult classic "SH'MON" by MR. DYNAMITE, originally released on Sue Records in the UK and Soultime Records in the States. The "Rare Mod Volume 5" collection marks the FIRST official re-release of "SH'MON Part 2" since 1966! The first official re-release of "SH'MON" by MR. DYNAMITE was on Ace/Kent Records in 2008 on the compilation "New Breed R&B With Added Popcorn". "SH'MON" is also available through Ace/Kent as a collector's vinyl single!